A concept where engineers focus on entire software development lifecycle from the source till its production. They build a platform or a pipeline that enables faster, smoother, reliable and rule based workflow that enables developers to rapidly deploy, ship, release and observe their software artifacts.


1. Source Code Repository
2. Build Management
3. Dependency Management
4. Enterprise Integration
5. Platform Management
6. Deployment Mechanism
7. Testing Mechanism
8. Environments Ecosystem
9. Observability Mechanism
10. Troubleshooting
11. Failure Mitigation
12. Threat Reduction
13. Cybersecurity
14. DevOps, QAOps
15. Collaboration
16. Infrastructure Management
17. Monitoring Systems
18. Logging Platforms
19. Configuration Management
20. Process Automation
21. Release Mechanism
22. Database Versioning
23. Artifact Repository
24. Validation & Verification
25. Software Architecture
26. Service Integration
27. Big Data Platform
28. Cross Cutting Concerns
29. Software Diagrams
30. Software Documentation
31. Tools & Technologies
32. Software Process Management
33. Non Functional Requirements
34. Hybrid, Multi Cloud
35. Digital Modernization
36. Technical Debt
37. End to End Digital Ecosystem
38. Organizational Structure


Not every skill is required for platform engineers but overall it makes sense to have an understanding of all the features, services and concepts that are part of a larger enterprise grade process (DevOps, ITSM, CI/CD). Platform engineering effects every component of an enterprise ecosystem from its design till its release to the production.