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As product owners, you would need to have a high level understanding of business domain, software product, organization, product vision and product roadmap. Having skills required for the job include people management and sometimes project management. Similarly, having a technical understanding of concepts such as Micro Services, DevOps, Cloud Computing and Technical Debt is icing


They represent business, technical, system, process or software related tasks or functionalities represented in the form of a set of instructions (user stories). They collectively become an epic when dealing with similar set of work of any type. And multiple epics become a feature. 1000s of features represent a software product and its digital infrastructure


A concept where engineers focus on entire software development lifecycle from the source till its production. They build a platform or a pipeline that enables faster, smoother, reliable and rule based workflow that enables developers to rapidly deploy, ship, release and observe their software artifacts. FEATURES OF PLATFORM ENGINEERING 1. Source Code Repository2. Build Management3.