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DoubleClick Trigger for DataGrid in Silverlight and C#

Due to lack of double click event in Silverlight a custom implementation is needed. The purpose of adding Trigger/Behavior has two main advantages. First for the missing Triggers of Silverlilght controls and secondly these allow developers to interact with controls without writing any code in any future projects especially in case of MVVM pattern. Double

A Quick Intro to MVVM

A quick view to Model–View–X  Paradigm Model-View-Controller (MVC) – 1979 Model-View-Presenter (MVP) Presentation Model (PM) by Martin Fowler – 2004 Model-View-ViewModel by John Gossman – 2005 Prism 1.0 : Composite Application Guidance for WPF – Jul 2008 Prism 2.0 : Composite Application Guidance for WPF/Silverlight – Feb 2009 Data Binding in WPF and Silverlight ž